Storage Containers for Hire

Storage Container For Hire Oundle


Our container team has good experience and knowledge of leasing storage container(s) in Oundle, discussing which options will be the most cost-effective way for you, allowing you to enjoy the benefits and security of leasing storage container(s).

We will inform you of the procedures for accepting a hired shipping container delivery in Oundle, Northamptonshire.
Our container team understands the condition is of huge significance to our clients, and we work to ensure all steel storage containers (s) supplied to Oundle are watertight, sturdy and secure.

Storage Containers for hire in Oundle

Options when Hiring a Storage Container in Northamptonshire.

At Shipping Containers of Birmingham, customer service is paramount to us.
Our container team is keen to discuss other budgeting possibilities for Oundle container queries, checking if the outright purchase price is cheaper than a shipping container in Oundle.
Reach us at 0330 0130 636 or use our Request Quote Form.

How much does a 20ft Storage Container cost in Oundle?

Costs vary due to supply and demand, but £2 per day plus vat for secure and watertight storage containers. For new shipping containers, prices may exceed £4 per day plus vat. It is always good to check with us using our Quote form, as stock in Northamptonshire changes weekly.

Is buying a shipping container in Oundle cheaper than leasing one?

If you need a long-term rental, buying a shipping container in Oundle is more cost-effective. However, renting a Storage Container is more economical if you are looking for a short-term solution. Use our Quote form, and we will let you know the optimal solution, including delivery with a hiab vehicle to Oundle.

What grade will the storage containers be in? And can I inspect them beforehand?

Generally, we stock brand-new or used containers; if you need, we can send pictures of the storage container(s) we aim to provide you in Oundle.


Container Pricing

We aim to offer the best container at the best price, with local depot delivery. We aim to have a transparent approach to the condition of containers and delivery prices. 

The prices fluctuate; influenced by the cost of steel, petrol and labour, all fees, including delivery, are subject to change. If your recent quote has expired, please feel free to ask for another one; we're here to help.