Shipping Containers for Sale

Shipping Containers for Sale in Market Deeping

At Shipping Containers of Birmingham, we offer our valued customers a wide range of brand-new and used shipping containers in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire.

Our knowledgeable container advisors are on hand to guide you through the most cost-effective solutions to meet your container requirements. Whether you're considering purchasing or hiring a shipping container in Market Deeping, we'll help you make an informed choice.

Rest assured, all containers we deliver to Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, are wind and watertight, secure, and of excellent quality.

Shipping Containers for sale in Market Deeping

Choices When Purchasing a Shipping Container in Market Deeping

Thanks to Shipping Containers of Birmingham's extensive experience, we can offer a comprehensive service to all our customers in Market Deeping. This includes everything from the initial quote request to after-sales service. The containers and sizes available in Market Deeping include:

Contact us on 0330 0130 636 or use our Quote form for a quick quotation.

What's the Price of a 20ft Shipping Container in Market Deeping?

Prices are subject to change, but typically wind and watertight 20ft Shipping Container costs around £2500 + vat, plus delivery cost from our Birmingham depot.

If you're looking for a one-way (new) Shipping Container, prices might exceed £4000 + vat, plus delivery cost from our Birmingham depot. Checking the latest prices using our Quote form is always a good idea. We'll quickly reply with a container and delivery price for Market Deeping.

Is it More Economical to Buy or Hire a Container in Market Deeping?

For short-term needs (approximately six months), hiring a shipping container in Market Deeping might be the better option. For long-term requirements, purchasing a Shipping Container could offer more savings over time.

We provide 20ft and 40ft options, among others. Please use our Quote form; we'll guide you to the best solution for your container requirements in Market Deeping.

What Condition are the Containers in? Can I View Them in Market Deeping?

We offer two types of shipping containers: New and Used. New shipping containers have only completed a single sea voyage from China and are in excellent condition.

Used shipping containers have undertaken several sea voyages and may show signs of wear and tear; however, they are structurally sound, wind, and watertight like all our containers. If you request, we can send photos of the containers you will likely receive in Market Deeping.

Container Pricing

We aim to offer the best container at the best price, with local depot delivery. We aim to have a transparent approach to the condition of containers and delivery prices. 

The prices fluctuate; influenced by the cost of steel, petrol and labour, all fees, including delivery, are subject to change. If your recent quote has expired, please feel free to ask for another one; we're here to help.